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is a Denver-based artist whose work is centered around media culture and modern portraiture. Trained as both a painter and studio photographer, his portrait works are often an intersection between the real and the absurd. Leaning heavily on pop-culture imagery, his artistic choices use satire, dark humor, and surrealism to confront the viewer. Nate works primarily in photorealistic ink and colored pencil drawings. With a deep passion for film and music, his subject matter ranges from cult movie icons to cinematic references, politics, and obscure moments in time.


In 2015, Nate received his Bachelor of Art in Painting from the University of Maine in Farmington. He went on to be awarded Lewiston/Auburn, Maine’s 40 Under 40 Creative Genius award in 2019. He has recently moved his business from the East Coast to Denver, Colorado, working as both a painter and photographer.

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Rino Showcase

Denver CO, June 11th - 2022

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UMF Art Gallery, Farmington, ME, April 16 - May 16 - 2015


40 Under 40 / Lewiston/Auburn ME - 2020

Come See Me At

Quince Coffee House / 1445 Quince Street, Denver CO

RoosterCat Coffee / 1045 Lincoln St, Denver CO



Instagram: @natelibbyart

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